Best Marathons in Arkansas: Top 5 Must-Run Races for Every Runner

Arkansas, also known as the Natural State, offers some of the best marathons for runners seeking picturesque landscapes and challenging courses.

Surrounded by the Mississippi River and renowned for its abundant wilderness parks and natural resources, the state provides an ideal setting for marathons across various terrains.

One popular marathon in Arkansas is the Little Rock Marathon, which benefits local Parks and Recreation facilities while offering the classic 26.2-mile race distance and serving as a Boston Qualifier.

Participants taking part in this race can expect a wholehearted endurance test paired with the opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Little Rock.

Aside from the Little Rock Marathon, Arkansas boasts numerous other marathons and running events throughout the year that cater to all skill levels.

From the scenic trails to the welcoming communities, Arkansas’s marathons present a unique and unforgettable experience for runners chasing personal records or simply looking to immerse themselves in the state’s natural beauty.

Best Marathons In Arkansas

Little Rock Marathon

The Little Rock Marathon is a classic 26.2-mile race held in the heart of Arkansas. It offers a mix of urban and scenic landscapes, showcasing the beauty of the city.

The race is also a Boston Qualifier, attracting runners from all over the US. Proceeds from the event go towards local Parks and Recreation facilities, making it an essential event for the local community.

Fort Smith Marathon

The Fort Smith Marathon is another popular race in Arkansas, held in Fort Smith. This marathon provides a challenging course with rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

Participants can enjoy the diverse landscape surrounded by the rich history of Fort Smith during the race.

Booneville Marathon

Booneville Marathon is an annual event in Arkansas, known for its scenic course and friendly atmosphere.

Runners traverse through a mix of paved and dirt roads, surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills. The course offers stunning views of the countryside, making it a favorite among marathon enthusiasts.

Rogers Marathon

Rogers Marathon offers a unique racing experience in Rogers, Arkansas. This race features a combination of urban and rural landscapes, with a diverse course that takes runners through the city’s streets and surrounding natural beauty.

Hogeye Marathon

The Hogeye Marathon is a popular race held in Springdale, Arkansas. Known for its challenging course, the race takes runners through a mix of urban and rural settings, giving participants a chance to experience the uniqueness of Springdale.

The marathon offers various race distances, providing options for runners of all levels.

White River Marathon

Taking p in Cotter, Arkansas, the White River Marathon is a scenic race that captivates participants with its stunning views of the Ozark Mountains and the White River.

This marathon offers a relatively flat course, making it a favorite for those chasing personal records. The race also features a half-marathon and proceeds are used to fund scholarships for local high school students.

Course Details

The Little Rock Marathon is a classic 26.2-mile race that showcases the best of Arkansas. This race is a Boston Qualifier, making it a popular choice for competitive runners.

The course for the Little Rock Marathon takes participants through a variety of Arkansas landscapes, offering a true representation of the state’s nickname as the “Natural State.”

Runners will experience a mix of rolling hills, climbs, and descents throughout the race. The elevation profile of the course is moderate, with some challenging sections that require extra effort from the runners.

Aside from its varying terrain, the course also provides scenic views of the Mississippi River, mountains, and rivers.

As participants progress through the race, they’ll have the opportunity to take in the natural beauty of Arkansas’s picturesque landscapes.

Some other noteworthy Arkansas marathons include the Arkansas Marathon and Hogeye Marathon. Similar to the Little Rock Marathon, these races also feature various course profiles, ranging from flat to hilly, with a blend of scenic mountains, rivers, and wooded areas.

Several marathons in Arkansas offer challenges for all skill levels, be it full marathons, half marathons, or ultra races.

Runners can consult the Arkansas Marathons Calendar to find their preferred race and plan accordingly based on course details, elevation profiles, and race specifics.

In summary, Arkansas marathons provide an excellent opportunity for runners to experience the natural beauty of the state while competing in races with a variety of course terrains, elevations, and challenges.

Whether running along the Mississippi River, tackling rolling hills, or conquering mountain climbs, these races offer a unique and satisfying experience for all participants.

Registration And Race Details

Arkansas offers a variety of marathons for running enthusiasts to participate in.

To register for marathons in Arkansas, participants typically need to visit the official race websites where they can find information on registration fees, deadlines, and any additional events or activities.

Most marathon websites also provide race details such as course maps, elevation profiles, aid stations, and time limits, as well as information on hotels, parking, and other logistics.

In Arkansas, runners can find marathons in different distances, such as:

  • Full Marathon (26.2 miles)
  • Half Marathon (13.1 miles)
  • Ultra Marathon (distances greater than 26.2 miles)

Additionally, some marathons may offer shorter distance events, like 5K or 10K races, allowing participants of all fitness levels and running abilities to join in.

It is essential for participants to pay close attention to race registration deadlines and plan their training accordingly. Marathons often have strict cut-off times and limits on the number of participants, so early registration is encouraged.

Marathons in Arkansas are an excellent opportunity for runners to challenge themselves, experience the state’s natural beauty, and support local communities. From city streets to scenic trails, each race offers unique experiences and the chance to create lasting memories for all participants.

Qualifying And Runner Experience

Arkansas offers a variety of marathons suitable for different types of runners. One of the most popular is the Little Rock Marathon, which is not only a classic 26.2-mile race but also a Boston Qualifier. This means that participants can aim to achieve a qualifying time for the prestigious Boston Marathon while enjoying the scenic course and surroundings Arkansas has to offer.

These marathons often feature various race distances, such as half marathons (13.1 miles) and ultra-marathons (26.3 miles and up), catering to a wide range of runner preferences and skill levels.

Moreover, many Arkansas marathons also focus on supporting local communities and charities. As an example, proceeds from the Little Rock Marathon contribute to the local Parks and Recreation facilities, further enhancing the running experience by giving back to the community.

Some may prioritize a Boston Qualifier or a fast course, while others might look for the overall race experience and scenery.

Overall, Arkansas offers a diverse selection of marathons with varying degrees of difficulty and terrain. The combination of well-organized races, engaging courses, and the supportive running community make Arkansas an attractive destination for marathon enthusiasts.

Event Photos And Highlights

Arkansas offers various marathons, each with its unique attractions and memorable experiences. In this section, we will highlight some of the key moments and features of these marathons, along with a glimpse into their scenic locations.

In the Little Rock Marathon, runners can embrace the beauty of Arkansas’s capital city while encountering a mix of terrain. The course presents a combination of rolling hills and flat stretches, providing a diverse and challenging experience. Participants are rewarded with stunning views of the Arkansas River and the downtown skyline. Throughout the event, photographers capture remarkable moments, and runners can later access the 2023 race photos.

Another popular marathon takes place within the natural backdrop of the Ouachita National Forest. This marathon offers avid runners the chance to push themselves across varying altitudes and picturesque trails. The wooded surroundings are complemented by the scenic hills and valleys, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Many Arkansas marathons prioritize community engagement, with spectators and volunteers lining the courses to cheer on runners. The state is known for its southern hospitality, making these races an excellent opportunity for athletes to feel supported and motivated by the local population. Additionally, post-race events often showcase the cultural aspects of specific locations through food, music, and entertainment.

In summary, Arkansas marathons provide a blend of striking landscapes, exciting courses, and warm community interaction. From the vibrant Little Rock Marathon to the serene run through Ouachita National Forest, participants can expect both visually appealing and physically challenging experiences. With ample opportunities for eye-catching photos and highlights, these marathons leave lasting impressions for runners and spectators alike.


Arkansas offers a variety of marathons for running enthusiasts, each showcasing the state’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes.

In the northwest region of Arkansas, the city of Rogers hosts a popular marathon as well, offering runners picturesque views and a well-organized event. The Fort Smith Marathon, located in the historic Fort Smith area, provides a route through river valleys and offers participants a unique glimpse of the city’s heritage.

Another notable marathon in Arkansas takes place in Booneville, where runners can enjoy a mix of scenic flatlands and rolling hills. This event showcases the stunning landscapes of the surrounding region and offers participants an enjoyable and memorable running experience.

In conclusion, Arkansas has a variety of marathons that cater to different preferences and skill levels. From the renowned Little Rock Marathon to the historic Fort Smith Marathon and scenic events in Rogers and Booneville, the state offers runners an array of opportunities to explore and enjoy its natural beauty.

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