Best Running Shoes for Heavy Man

Growing up, I never ran more than 2-3 miles at a time since most of the sports I played involved short bursts of sprints, like basketball and baseball.

Now that I am older and have started to take up long-distance running, I realize how important it is to invest in a great pair of running shoes.

As a taller guy weighing over 200 lbs, many cheaper running shoes didn’t provide enough support or padding and would start to fall apart after a few months.

A few years ago I decided to start to invest in high-quality running shoes, and it has been well worth the investment in terms of the longevity of the shoes and helped improve my love for running.

Top Running Shoes for Big Guys

ShoeHoka BondiHoka CliftonAltra Via OlympusAltra Lone Peak 6New Balance Fresh Foam
Weight10.8 oz8.7 oz11 oz10.6 oz9.5 oz
Heal to Toe Drop4.00 MM5.00 MM0 MM0MM4MM

Hoka Bondi 

Weight:10.8 oz

Regular, Wide, and X-Wide Size Options

The Hoka Bondi shoes have been my favorite pair of running shoes I have ever run in. I am on my 3rd pair of Bondi, and each new version keeps improving.

The Bondi’s has incredible plush cushioning while maintaining a firm feel that is perfect for road running. Additionally, the toe box provides plenty of room for the front of your foot to be comfortable. There are also regular, wide, and extra-wide size options for heavier guys with bigger feet.

I experimented with cheaper running shoes through the years, and as I started to stack on more mileage, the shoes would begin to break down and leave me needing a new pair of shoes within 3-5 months.

On average, I run around 20-30 miles weekly with the Hoka Bondi’s, and they all have held up exceptionally well. 

I typically get 2 pairs per year and get a solid 6 months out of each pair without noticing any changes in the shoe’s performance.

As a bigger guy, I have learned that investing in high-quality shoes makes running much more comfortable, and while the Bondis may come with a higher price tag, I promise you that they are worth the money in terms of quality and performance.

Think about it this way, running is hard enough as it is, and if you can invest in shoes that make it 10-20% more enjoyable, it is a great investment in your health!

Hoka Clifton

Weight: 8.9 oz

If you want a slightly lighter shoe with the same type of performance and quality as the Bondi, the Clifton’s are another one of my favorite shoes to run in. 

I alternate between my Clifton’s and Bondi’s and have difficulty picking my favorite. I typically use my Bondi’s for runs longer than 5 miles for the extra cushioning and prefer the Clifton’s for shorter runs. 

There are regular and wide options for the Clifton as well if you want a bit more breathing room. If you have the budget to get both the Cliftons and the Bondi’s I highly recommend the combination of both shoes for bigger guys. 

If not, I would go to your nearby running store and check out both shoes in person, try them on, and pick which one feels most comfortable. I love the Bondi’s for longer runs and long walks while I use my Clifton’s for speed work and 5k races.

Altra via Olympus

Weight: 11 oz

I had never heard of Altras until a couple of years ago, and they are an awesome shoe to consider for bigger runners. One issue I was running into as some of the cheaper shoes on the market was the toebox’s seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. 

Altra has a unique design on all of their shoes called ‘footshape” that helps give your foot more space within the shoe. 

The first time I tried on Altras, it was unique since I didn’t have the sides of the shoes compressed against my foot. While the Bondi wide model can offer a similar roomy feel, the new Altra Via Olympus model could be another option to consider if you like the look and style of the shoes better.

Altra Lone Peak (Trail Shoes)

Weight 10.6 oz

I have tried various trail shoe brands over the years, and the Altra Lone Peaks have been my favorite.

They are lightweight, have plenty of room in the toe box, and, most importantly for me they get great traction on rocky trail run terrain.

I run on rocky trails throughout Phoenix a couple of times per week, and these shows have impressed me with their durability after several months. The tread is still in great condition, and I think I can get several more months out of them.

I tried many other brands in the last couple of years because I found the shoes on sale, but almost every other brand started to wear down after a couple of months, and I had some rough falls. Pay close attention to the tread when you shop for trail running shoes as a heavy man since they will take a pounding.

New Balance Fresh Foam

Weight: 9.5 oz

New Balance Fresh Foam shoes are another model that is worth checking out as a big guy.

These Fresh Foam kicks are as comfortable as they look, with plush padding similar to Hoka shoes. The designs of the New Balance shoes are pretty slick as well and make the shoes more versatile than your typical running shoe.

Final Word

As a bigger man, it’s critical to do your research when purchasing running shoes. Read reviews, try different models, and eventually, you will settle in on a brand that is perfect for your feet and body type.

 I didn’t discover Hoka or Altra shoes until about 5 years ago, and now I think I will be hooked for life and buy the new versions of the style I like every coming year!

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